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BYU-Hawaii President's Report

December 2018

BYU-Hawaii President's Report 2018

“That All May Be Edified Of All”

By President John S. Tanner

At BYU–Hawaii, we strive to live by the Hawaiian principle of kuleana. Typically translated as “responsibility,” kuleana connotes a sense of rights, obligations, and reciprocal relationships between people and their responsibilities.

When I consider kuleana, I think of the gospel principle of stewardship. Every member of the BYU–Hawaii ‘ohana has a kuleana to each other and to the university. Each of us has something to contribute and something to gain. The result of this shared commitment is expressed beautifully in Doctrine and Covenants 88:122: “that all may be edified of all.”

As a donor and friend to BYU–Hawaii, you are part of the university ‘ohana. Thank you for sharing in the kuleana of helping our students. Your support extends the blessings of a Church education to more students from more areas of the world. I pray that your partnership with the university and your love for our tremendous students will edify your spirit. Mahalo nui loa.

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