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BYU-Idaho President's Report

May 2016

President Kim B. Clark President Kim B. Clark

That All May Gather Together

The principle of gathering plays a fundamental role in the university's distinctive learning environment and in a BYU-Idaho education.

This is a season of revelation and a time of great change at Brigham Young University-Idaho. All around us we see the university moving forward on the steady upward course the Lord has set.

Three great imperatives focus our efforts: (1) improve the quality of a BYU-Idaho education, (2) serve more students, and (3) lower the relative cost of education. Your participation makes a significant contribution to our progress.

Currently, one of the most exciting developments at BYU-Idaho is the impending dedication of the new BYU-Idaho Center and the renovated and expanded Hyrum Manwaring Student Center. These significant construction projects address two essential needs - space for vital student and alumni activities, and primary facilities for gathering.

BYU-Idaho students gather together for study, sociality, service, and a variety of activities. They gather in large and small groups to learn from, teach, and strengthen one another. Gathering plays a fundamental role in the university's distinctive learning environment and in a BYU-Idaho education.

Prior to the groundbreaking ceremony for the Manwaring Center and the BYU-Idaho Center, Elder David A. Bednar taught the following concerning righteous gathering:

The Lord gathers His people to worship, to build up the Church, for a defense, and to receive counsel and instruction....

At BYU-Idaho you gather to worship the Father in the name of the Son, to build up the Church and the university, to find defense and protection, and to receive counsel and instruction. You gather together to learn and to prepare for your mortal and eternal opportunities and responsibilities. You gather together to strengthen each other.[1]

The spiritual purposes of gathering make the construction of suitable gathering places both wise in preserving and enhancing BYU-Idaho's learning environment and vital in carrying out its mission to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. The BYU-Idaho Center and Manwaring Center will greatly contribute to the possibilities for gathering together on this "sacred and set apart campus."[2]

In this issue of President's Report, you will learn more about the university's priority to create new and improve existing gathering places.

Thank you for participating with us in this great work. We are very blessed to have your friendship and support.

[1] Elder David A. Bednar, “The Spirit and Purposes of Gathering,” devotional address,October 31, 2006

[2] Elder David A. Bednar, Thomas E. Ricks Dedication, February 18, 2005